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Conforming Materials


Collaborator: Gabriella Zack

Conforming Materials is working towards designing fully recyclable clothing. Through the development of a biomaterial that changes from a crystallized powder into a solid and back, at just the right temperatures, we have harnessed a breakthrough technology that could change fashion as we know it. This biomaterial can be manipulated in a multitude of ways due to its hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties. For example, imagine having a dress that can be tailored to encapsulate smell, eliminating the need for perfume. Imagine wanting a new wardrobe and being able to 100% recycle the biomaterial due to it being made solely of biological components. Imagine going for a run and your clothes trap the odor of your sweat and release a pleasant scent in its place. The possibilities of this material to be used in clothing design are endless. Electronics can be integrated into the design process due to the ability of the biomaterial to be conductive and overlaid with conductive ink. This component would enable analysis on biometrics and human data, with a wide variety of applications including sports clothing.e changes to the font.

modular jwelery.png

Modular Jewelry 

Small TitleThe world has recently been fascinated with enhancing fashion with biology. This biomaterial takes that fascination to the next level. These designs will not just be enhanced by biological components but made completely from them without compromising the art of the fashion design process. The different colors, shapes, and smells that the biomaterial can take provide for creative and beautiful designs. Conforming Materials simply takes the artistic process of fashion design and allows for it to be sustainable, flexible, and innovative.

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Additionally, this material is being integrated with electronics to detect a particular metal or gas and various applications, including in human and environmental health. Through its detection properties, the material could track how much a person perspires, their average temperature and much more.

One idea that is currently being implemented is a diaper with urine analysis for low-cost diagnostics of diseases.

This biomaterial is completely recyclable and can be regenerated in particular conditions. Such a simple and elegant work of nature that can be used in a myriad of ways to benefit our society. Let our clothes work for us.

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