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Beautiful Me

2016- Present


Lucas Portilho (Cosmetology Institute, Brazil,) Leonardo Campos Sia, André Casavelha, Guilherme Henrique Jeronimo de Souza (2016-2017)

Beautiful Me has been designed to address the problem of acid attacks in South-east Asian countries and parts of Europe. This form of assault is done primarily to disfigure someone's body or in an attempt to kill them. As there are very few legal checks pertaining acid selling and buying, we have developed a foundation (topical creame) which can act as a barrier against the acid. The foundation formula creates a thin film, which reacts with the acid (tries to reduce he acid properties) and however, doesn't allow the acid to penetrate to the skin. This first layer of defense is oleophilic,  hence the acid can be washed off easily. 

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